Tiles progressed significantly under the Islam Culture. Various kinds of decoration tiles were manufactured in Islam countries. In particular, Iznik Tile is famous.Tiles decorating Mosques and Palaces in Istanbul were made in Iznik. In Iznik, multi-colored and refined tiles with floral, geometric or ornamental letter design were made under the support from Sultan of Osman Empire between 15th century and 17th century. Iznik Tiles were also exported to Europe. Iznik Tiles are very fascinating for its swelled and luster red color called "tomato-red" or "coral-red" as well as its turquoise blue. However, Iznik Tiles became faded out mainly due to the dry-up of metal-oxid graze yielding the tomato-red. Iznik Tiles are bigger and heavier than Delft Tiles and its shape is diverse.

"Islam Tile"

"Iznik Tile"

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